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TSSr: an R/Bioconductor package for analysis of transcription start site (TSS)  
    TSSr is designed to analyze transcription start sites (TSSs) and core promoters with most types of 5’end sequencing data, such as cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) (Takahashi, Lassmann et al. 2012), no-amplification non-tagging CAGE libraries for Illumina next-generation sequencers (nAnT-iCAGE) (Murata, Nishiyori-Sueki et al. 2014), a Super-Low Input Carrier-CAGE (SLIC-CAGE) (Cvetesic, Leitch et al. 2018), NanoCAGE (Cumbie, Ivanchenko et al. 2015), TSS-seq (Malabat, Feuerbach et al. 2015), transcript isoform sequencing (TIF-seq) (Pelechano, Wei et al. 2013), transcript-leaders sequencing (TL-seq) (Arribere and Gilbert 2013), precision nuclear run-on sequencing (PRO-Cap) (Mahat, Kwak et al. 2016), and GRO-Cap/5’GRO-seq (Kruesi, Core et al. 2013).

    Source code and documentation is  available on GitHub: https://github.com/Linlab-slu/TSSr

Overview of TSSr analysis steps: importing primary raw data, processing data, clustering, and integrative analyses.

Example data for TSSr

Example bam files


Example TSS table file

Example genome annotation files


5 Fat Loss Keys

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